Your WiFi Journey

Getting your connectivity right is not just about plugging in boxes. For smooth ongoing operation you need to plan your WiFi journey with a team of people with the right experience and the right tools. Take a look at 4 of our key steps that we take when planning a customer's WiFi.

Step 1 - Talk Time

The key to good WiFi is good planning, full stop. There are no exceptions to this rule so before you begin ask yourself the questions below as they will have a big impact on how your network is designed and deployed.

  • Where is WiFi required?
  • How critical is it? Is 100% uptime required
  • Who will be using it? (Staff, Guests, Contractors, Sensors, VoIP phones)
  • How much bandwidth will you need?

Step 2 - Design and Survey

Knowing where to place your WiFi access points is critical to ensuring smooth operation of your network and seamless connection to every area of your business. Our team has completed countless WiFi surveys with detailed design documents to ensure no hidden costs pop up later on.

Step 3 - Staying Safe

Make sure your contractor provides insured installation engineers with the right PPE and provide a RAMS (Risk Assessment and Method Statement) to ensure all people and systems are kept safe during the installation process. Not doing this could be a very costly mistake.

Things to Consider
  • Asbestos or other hazardous materials
  • Access requirements and time of day, for example does work need to be completed out of hours?
  • Unsecure or unsafe heights, is high lift equipment required like scissor lifts?

Step 4 - Not just for Xmas

Whatever your use case we provide our centralised network control and monitoring platform that puts administration of your network at your fingertips. From enterprise grade secure WiFi user accounts to guest splash pages with email data capture we cover it all.

  • Get in touch today for a platform demo or to discuss your journey.
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