How does our guest hotspot service work?

A guest hotspot network enables you to provide WiFi internet access to your guests, staff and customers by broadcasting a network where user traffic is intercepted and the user is redirected to a captive portal (or splash) page to register their details and agree to terms and conditions before you give them internet access.

This is a requirement for any open guest network to ensure you are making best efforts to identify network users and asking them not to take part in illegal or inappropriate activity on your network and provides an excellent opportunity to gather marketing and analytical data.

Why is ours different?

We provide not only the tools to create a branded user journey but offer secure enrolment options to provide users with a more secure connectivity experience and more than just the standard social signup we offer advanced voucher services for conference and premium services and a guest approval service where you can approve guest access on the spot. Our service also allows you to allocate the level of bandwidth available to users to ensure a fair and consitent service.

Captive Portal Configuration

You can create a customised splash page for your customers, with multiple registration options and customisable look and feel. For an additional fee we can also create completley bespoke templates and page for you.

Registration Options

We offer user registration options using form, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Voucher, Credit/Debit Card, and our Guest approval service. We are always adding new services though so if you want something more bespoke get in touch for a chat.

Bandwidth Management

Each product can give users an allocated bandwidth limit and where used with Mikrotik RouterOS devices we can provide burst bandwidth to improve browsing but limit large file downloads. This works by giving a user a high bandwidth burst for a period before dropping to a lower rate.


User privacy is important to us so we make sure that when users sign-up marking data is only shared when the user explicityl opts in and we provide users with a simple self service portal to manage their data.

To help ensure data security we offer marketing service intergrations like MailChimp which automatically imports opted in users into you MailChimp list over a secure connection so you do not need to risk manually exporting user information.