How do I create a new hotspot?

  • Sign in to the dashboard through the Easy Wi-Fi website.
  • Open the menu on the Right hand side and select Splash Pages from the list.
  • Click on Create a profile
  • Choose Create new one from the NAS ID drop down menu and enter the devices NAS ID. There is also an option to to personalise the network ID.
  • When this is completed, click Continue.
  • Customise the text for the landing page, then click Continue.
  • The data capture form allows you to choose what information you would like from the your hotspot users on sign in, with the exception of Facebook where all the data is captured by default.
  • From the next page you can turn data capture options on or off and issue bandwidth and time limits to the hotspot users. When completed click continue.
  • Upload your company logo to customise your splash page and enter the post login URL for your hotspot users.
  • After clicking Continue you will be taken back to the splash pages screen where your new splash page will be listed.
  • From the splash page listing you can Configure the hotspot landing page or Remove the splash page.

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