Draytek Vigor

Draytek Vigor

DRAYTEK VIGOR 2862, 3220, 2926, 2952

This guide covers setting up the Vigor router as a gateway for VLAN hand off from other 3rd party access points however the same setup applies to Vigor routers with built in WiFi (The hotspot interface simply needs to be applied to the WiFi interface or bridge interface). For the latest updates on supported models visit https://www.draytek.com/solutions/hotspot-web-portal.

VPN services can be provided however as standard you will need to ensure your draytek device has outbound access enabled for the following ports.
UDP 1812/1813 (RADIUS AAA)
TCP 80/443 (Splash Pages)


You will need to setup a standard hotspot profile from the cloud dashboard. The NASID or network identifier should be the MAC address of the Draytek LAN or Draytek LAN interface that the hotspot network will connect to.

Easy Wi-Fi

If you want to provide private and public networks on your site then you will need to configure a VLAN interface on one or more ports to receive the guest network user traffic. If you are providing a flat network, then you can skip this step.

The example below shows the guest VLAN assigned as VLAN 2 on LAN 2 subnet, port 2 of the Vigor router. You can set this up by navigating to LAN > VLAN.

Now make sure that a DHCP service is configured on the subnet for guests. You can access the settings by navigating to LAN > General Setup > Details Page.


Navigate to Applications > RADIUS/TACACS+ and select the External RADIUS tab. Tick “Enable” and “Enable Accounting” then enter the RADIUS servers below under the advanced tab. You will need to provide the RADIUS secret which can be obtained from your Easy WiFi account manager.

  • Server 1: radius.easy-wifi.co.uk
  • Server 2: radius2.easy-wifi.co.uk

Important – Go to VPN and Remote Access > PPP General Setup, and select ‘PAP Only’ for ‘Dial-In PPP Authentication’.


Navigate to Hotspot Web Portal > Portal Setup and click the “1” link to setup the profile.

1. Setup the profile with the following details then click “Save & Next” at the bottom of the page.

  • Enable this profile: Ticked/True
  • Portal Method: External Portal Server
  • Captive Portal URL: https://hotspot.easy-wifi.co.uk/draytek/vigor
  • Redirection URL: LAN IP of hotspot interface

2. Untick all options on the “NAT Rules” tab and then select “Dest Domain” to setup the pre-authentication white-list below. Then click “Save & Next” at the bottom of the page.

  • Hotspot-LB-1502087588.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com
  • hotspot.easy-wifi.co.uk
  • *.facebook.com
  • *.facebook.net
  • www.easy-wifi.co.uk
  • *.googleapis.*
  • googleadapis.l.google.com
  • *.fbcdn.net
  • *.stripe.com
  • *.twitter.com
  • *.twimg.com
  • *.akamaihd.net
Easy Wi-Fi

3. Set the following options and click “Finish”. The setup is now complete.

  • HTTPS Redirection: Enable
  • Captive Portal Detection: Enable
  • Landing Page After Authentication: ANY
  • Applied Interfaces: Hotspot Interface
Easy Wi-Fi

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