How do I add a Secure user?

Sign in to the dashboard through the Easy Wi-Fi website. Click on Manage Users under the user registration section. In the manage users section click on the add secure user tab in the drop down menu. Fill in the create secure user form for the new user, you can choose whether to create a password […]


STEP 1 – ACCESS HOTSPOT DASHBOARD Create a hotspot profile from the “Guest” menu on the dashboard. Select “Create a new one” from the NASID drop down at the top. STEP 2 – CREATE A PROFILE Create a unique ID for this network and leave the “Network ID” field below as default (_Hotspot). Complete the […]

Draytek Vigor

DRAYTEK VIGOR 2862, 3220, 2926, 2952 This guide covers setting up the Vigor router as a gateway for VLAN hand off from other 3rd party access points however the same setup applies to Vigor routers with built in WiFi (The hotspot interface simply needs to be applied to the WiFi interface or bridge interface). For […]


CISCO MERAKI INTEGRATION You can now enhance your guest WiFi experience with Cisco Meraki and Easy WiFi. For more information about Cisco Meraki visit Before you begin make sure you have created a splash page profile in the Easy WiFi dashboard “Splash Page” menu (Take a note of the NAS ID) and added the Meraki APs MAC […]

SLACK Integration

STEP 1 – CREATE AN APP This is required to provide us with a webhook service that we can use to message your channel. The App name will appear in messages to your channel STEP 2 – PROVIDE APP DETAILS Example App details below. STEP 3 – ENABLE WEBHOOK SERVICE Now you need to enable […]


There are many different ways the Easy WiFi service can be deployed. We have detailed some of the most common ones below where Easy WiFi gateways will be installed. For direct native integrations you can see our help guides here. Whatever deployment you use we always recommend using client isolation and separate VLANs with firewall separation […]